Outsourcing: Political Hot Potato

We have been hearing a lot about outsourcing. If you listen to some politicians you would think every job in america is about to be outsourced to India. In our global economy there is a lot of outsourcing going on. In fact the the largest portion is foreigners outsourcing to the U.S., even more interesting it is increasing every year. The U.S. government figures for 2003 (value of exports/imports of legal, computer programming, telecommunications, banking, engineering, management consulting,and other private services) show:

  • Outsourced to the U.S. $131.01 Billion up $8.42 Billion over 2002
  • Outsourced from the U.S. $77.38 Billion up $7.94 Billion over 2002

Let’s not let “Washington” save us from this “problem”.

Ralph Muse
Muse Consulting